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Rich, Smooth, Creamy, Undeniably Delicious Fudge is what we are best known for!

Fresh from our own kitchen, these creamy treats are hard to keep around. Seems like everybody always finds an excuse to visit our kitchen when we're making fudge. Our fudge makes a great gift or just an amazing to go on the road treat for yourself.
At Beachfront gift shop, we have from delicious to unique gifts and souvenirs:
  • Locally made handmade clay hand warmer mugs
  • Freshly roast cinnamon glazed nuts
  • Jewelry made locally
  • Beach art and collectibles
  • T-shirts and Sweatshirts
  • Hats
  • Rain Coats
  • Gifts for children of all ages
You will also be able to pick up some sundries essentials you may need as well.
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